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Carpet Cleaning Perth Western Australia


Perth Carpet Cleaner provides all domestic | residential and commercial upholstery and carpet cleaning services to Perth’s Metropolitan area. Yes, we offer our services to the northern suburbs and also southern suburbs. Are you looking to get your carpets and upholstery cleaned today? You are in the right place. PERTH Carpet Cleaning is your one stop cleaner shop for all your cleaning needs, either for home / domestic or offices / commercial.

Why Choose any other Carpet Cleaning Company in Perth WA

Our local business offers a affordable prices across the state of Western Australia. With a expertly trained and experienced team of professionals, we are proud to offer same day services to our clients. Our latest washing method ensures having minimum down time. We are the best Carpet Cleaners Perth has to offer.

BEST Service in PERTH

If you live in WA, your flooring and upholstery gives your family the warmth and comfort in your home. However your floors can also harbor a number of pollutants – such as: dust, dust mites, bacteria, allergens, dirt, food particles, chemicals, fungi and pet stains. All of these can cause or trigger asthma, allergies and other health issues. The good news is our staff can get rid of all these nasties that live in your upholstery and high walked / walkway areas of your home and or business. Our professional steam and dry cleaning services will leave your home | office – clean, fresh and rejuvenated.

Monfloors is our name – Carpet Cleaning is our game

If you want your floor polished / scrubbed / shampooed to the highest standard then it is best to leave it to the professionals. There is only one thing worse than having dirty carpets, and it is choosing a carpet cleaning company in Perth that does more harm than good to your home or office. You may be under the impression that our service is an expensive task, however we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the services | selections we have available here at Carpet Cleaning Perth.

Carpet Cleaning Happy Customer

We cater for all types of business’s and residential homes around Perth WA, and also specialise in specialty floor rejuvenation and stain removal on a variety of surfaces from all flooring types to lounge suites (even car seats and mats). No matter what your budget, you will get a top notch job done to the highest possible standards – guaranteed.

We also provide Carpet Cleaning Services in Wanneroo & Carpet Cleaning Services in Joondalup

We are located in Western Australia and offer our exclusive services to every suburb (North and South – even East and West!). We offer a huge range of jobs and even work in with other companies – we make sure the task is done right, first time – every time.Professionally Cleaned Carpert


We strive to be one of the premium and best carpet cleaning companies that Perth has to offer. Our friendly team have been trained with the correct techniques, and how to use the right equipment that is suitable for each job. We know each job is different, there are many different types of flooring | rugs; our equipment ranges to cater for all types of jobs. From one point of contact with our staff, we can have all you cleansing problems sorted and arranged. Our Services include:

  • Home | Domestic Carpet Cleaning
  • Office | Commercial Carpet Cleaning

And the list goes on! You name it, we most probably do it! Anything to do with cleansing and we are there! Also providing cheap carpet cleaning services in Perth

Every job that Perth Carpet Cleaner handles, our staff use the latest methods and supplies with our expert cleaner equipment. Using the right cleanser supplies and equipment are an investment we make (as a Professional Company) in providing the exact kind of service that keeps all of our clients coming back to us year after year. Our up to date unique methods demonstrate our commitment to doing the job right. Cheap Carpet Cleaning in Perths Northern Subrubs

Cleansing of floors in all Perth’s suburbs

No matter which room of your home needs service; the kitchen | living room | family room | bath or which part of your office space needs a professional cleanliness uplift – Our local business offers a service that will meet everyone and anyone’s needs. Come on – call our expert company whose specialists have the skills and experience to do an outstanding job. We believe in doing every single job to our highest standard possible. As our customer, you have the right to expect 5 star service with an exceptional finished job… That is exactly what you will get from our friendly staff. Our business is built on reputation, aiming on developing long term relationships with all of our customers in Western Australia.

So now you are most probably wondering – how do I book your services? It’s quite simple really; for your convenience you can hire us by simply calling our phone lines | filling out the contact form on the side of this page | or via email. You also can contact us with any questions you may have concerning our services. We will be happy to help you out in any way possible (we have built our Carpet Cleaning service around word of mouth)

We are keen to keep Perth CLEAN 🙂


Carpet Cleaner in Perth Western Australia


On the off chance that you need your rug cleaned flawlessly then it is best to leave it to the experts. There is one and only on thing more regrettable than having messy rugs, and it is picking a rug washing organization that accomplishes great abilities and come to your home or office.
You might have the feeling that a rug cleaning administration is costly – we are certain you will defiantly be astonished at the choices we have accessible here with our 5 star rated staff (see our reviews).
When you need just the best, come to Perth Carpet Cleaning. We offer our customers special deals, and as one of the top cleaning organizations in Western Australia – our team are intensely trained and proficient. We always provide the most amount of tender loving care, since we comprehend that our customers just need the most ideal service possible. We have gotten to be one of the main rug cleaners around our region – since we don’t compromise on value and always give remarkable results. We utilize greatest materials for the job at hand, and in addition we also use non-poisonous chemicals to clean your home and office. When you need proficient floor cleansing, we believe our group of experts can give you the service you require (and are looking for). We have what it takes the knowledge and know-how  (plus the gear required) to take care of business right (first time) regardless of how extreme and bad the stains are. Our flooring business offer the administration’s you are searching for. Yes – we offer Carpet Cleaning in Rockingham WA and also work in with other carpet cleaner companies in Western Australia.
We CLEAN a wide range of business and private homes, and spend significant time in steam cleaning and stain evacuation on an assortment of surfaces from floor rugs to parlor suites. Regardless of your budget, we will take care of business – leaving a smile on your face :). We provide all business / residential floor covering & upholstery washing in every zone in WA. Our costs are affordable and our standard of work is absolutely outstanding. Not only do we do Carpet Cleaning in Perth, we additionally do Leather / Upholstery / Mattress and Flooded Carpet Restoration.
We suggest your rug and upholstery to be cleaned at regular intervals or like more often if there are pets inside the house. This will draw the life out of your floor coverings. Finally, let our experience do the talking when it comes to considering what service you are getting. A dependable organization will guarantee that the items that they utilize are protected around pets and kids and leave no sticky deposit.
Our services are eco-accommodating and have been completely setup to give the most ideal result each and every time. Our experts will deal with your job – treating your home or business with the most extreme care it deserves (like it was our own). We are more than glad for you to check out our previous work – please view our website or Facebook page to see previous photos and our recent testimonials and reviews. Our floor washing company anticipates serving you and making your coverings the best and freshest they can possibly be.
Our cleanser service doesn’t end there, we can also clean your auto, vessel and whole office / business. In the event that you need to steam clean your floor covering and get the most ideal results: we offer our customers a package deal to help with savings and budgets. Contact our carpet cleaner company today for a free quote or please send us a message through our website.


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